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Save yourself from all the hassle of finding the right suppliers for your product, and then working with them day & night to manage your sourcing needs / making payments. Use vFulfill to source all your products under one roof with the right quality, best prices & transparent quotations.

Network of suppliers

We have built a network of direct manufacturers & suppliers in China & India, using which you can source almost anything you want to launch your eCommerce business upon.

Product Sample Evaluation

We can bring you different quality samples of any product you want, for you to choose from. Our team in India or China can also test these samples & share a report with you.

Managed Payments

You no more have to worry about getting into all the process & paperwork of making international payments to your suppliers in China. We manage it all for you.

Private Labelling

Use our network to source products with your custom logo on it, at lower MOQs than the standard requirement. This helps you establish yourself as a brand & increase your perceived value.

Custom Packaging

Enhance your overall unboxing experience with good packaging options to enhance your overall brand loyalty. We have the ability to change your product's original packaging to your custom branded one.

Product Media Assets

We provide images & videos around every product in our catalog for you to use it as your listing or marketing media. You can also use our AI tools to generate 360° images or other media assets.

Imports & Customs Clearance

Bringing a product from China to India can get tricky and involve a lot of to-&-fro & paperwork. vFulfill makes it seamless for you with its cross border freight & import services. We will not just fly your goods from China to India through air or sea mode, but also manage the customs clearance and then, have them dropped to the desired location.

Sea & Air Freight Options

Depending on the quantity, we have the ability to choose from both air or sea mode to bring your product from China to India, hence, saving down on costs on overall basis.

Compliances & Paperwork

Every product requires different compliances and paperwork to be fulfilled. We work with a team of consultants to furnish the same in advance for a smooth customs clearance.

Customs Officer Check

We work with a team of experts who are always available in the customs office to answer any questions, a customs checking office may have, saving on time & cost you'd pay in demurrage otherwise.

Duty & Taxes Payments

We have built a network of direct manufacturers & suppliers in China & India, using which you can source almost anything you want to launch your eCommerce business upon.

Release of Shipments

We have processes optimized to ensure we have a fast release of shipments when they go through scrutiny in customs checking. This helps reduce the overall import timeline and also saves you money.

Zero Surprise Charges

Thanks to our internal expertise on product compliances and our network of consultants, we analyse the costs involved to import a product from a 360-degree approach, ensuring zero to minimal surprise charges.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Managing your warehousing & fulfillment operations can waste a lot of your time as you grow. vFulfill has a network of warehouses across India & China with built-in processes & automations to manage your inventory, keep an automated count and save you from any pilferage or damage of products.

Virtual Warehouse System

We have a virtual warehouse system in your dashboard which you can use to check your logs around how much quantity did you buy, how much is at what stage and what is stored where.

Real Time Inventory Count

When operating at a scale, most warehousing operations would witness a 2-3% reduction in inventory due to pilferage or other factors. We have measures to ensure zero pilferage and show you your real time inventory count.

Thank You Card Inserts

We understand that any entrepreneur shouldn't leave an opportunity to bring its customers back. Hence, we have options for several ad hoc services available during fulfillment like thank you card, scratch cards, free gifts, samples inserts, etc.

1-Day Fulfillment SLA

Thanks to our built-in & optimized processes, we have a turnaround time of only 1 day to pack your orders & make them ready for dispatch. This significantly increases your chances of higher delivery rate in a COD market.

Call Center

When operating in a COD market, an order received is not equal to a final sale. Hence, it’s recommended to call your leads / orders to confirm the order, address & phone number. You are also required to call your customers to check if an order fails to deliver in an attempt. We have built partnerships to enable you to do that, seamlessly & hassle free.

eCommerce Specialized Call Center

We have built a native integration with partners specializing in call center operations, pertaining to eCommerce operations management only. This enables to grow on the fly without having to bother about process downloads at all.

COD to Prepaid

Your orders will be synced on automation with the call center team, only with the relevant information. The team holds an expertise to not only confirm your orders but also attempt to convert COD orders into prepaid over calls.

Proven NDR Processes

We have proven processes to schedule re-attempts if a courier agent fails to deliver an order in an attempt. This increases the delivery percentage by over 5% and net profits by 10%.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart abandonment data act as a good resource to recover sales and decrease your overall CPA. We have a team to dedicatedly work on your abandonment data and convert them into final sales.


COD orders require you to ensure that you are able to make the first attempt of delivery at the earliest. This requires you to work with different courier partners to be able to select the right one for your order, depending on the location. We have partnered up with all major courier partners across India, enabling you to seamlessly deliver your orders, all of it with a reasonable price structure!

Native Partnership With All Major Couriers

Our direct integration with all major courier partners across India enables us to ensure we are able to choose a courier partner who's the best for your order type.

Pan India Deliverability W/ COD Options

Our network of courier partners enables us to ship your orders anywhere in India with high serviceability. This enables you with a bigger audience base to target & bring orders from.

Shipment Ageing & Tracking

Our in house team of shipping experts keeps tracking each of your shipments and ensures that your shipments are not stuck anywhere in its journey.

High Risk Pin Codes

We have a system that analyses millions of data points and gives you a list of pin codes that you may choose to avoid to enhance your delivery percentage in India.

AI Based Selection of Couriers

Our built-in system analyses over the past performance of all courier partners in different locations across India, along with industry data points to automatically choose the best courier partner for your orders.

One Price For All Couriers

Each courier partner comes up with its own price for different locations & different weight slabs, making your calculations complex. We simplify it for you with 1 charge for a group of pin codes per 500 grams of weight, no matter whichever courier we use.

Zero Hidden Charges

Courier partners have several ad-hoc charges added in their commercials, like fuel surcharge, distance charges, etc. These often begin to look like hidden charges & most tend to ignore these in their calculations. We guarantee zero hidden charges in our system.

Zero Weight Discrepancies

Once an item is shipped, you are likely to receive a dispute on weight discrepancy and may be charged extra. We understand this pain & how it affects your profit, and hence, ensure guaranteed zero weight disputes.

COD Remittance

As & when your COD orders are delivered, our delivery partners collect that cash from your customers, and remit it back to us. We settle that cash back to you in a centralized vFulfill wallet where you can look at all your expenses, income, plan your projections and accordingly, withdraw your balance.

Instant COD Credit in vFulfill Wallet

We understand that the timeline of your COD income being available to you is important for you to find your day to day operations. Hence, we pass an instant credit in your wallet as & when your order is delivered, without waiting for that cash to reach us, so you can run your next day operations with that money.

Pay via Card / UPI Options on Delivery

Customers often ask to pay via a card or UPI when a COD orders is being attempted for delivery. To ensure maximum deliveries & provide convenience to customers, we have options for your customers to pay via UPI or card on delivery.

Lower COD Fees

Like a payment gateway would charge you a processing fee, shipping companies charge us to collect the cash on delivery and bill us for the same. We have negotiated with our courier partners for this fee to be minimal and very low to ensure more savings for you.

Global Payout Options

At vFulfill, we ensure that borders don't restrict you to run an eCommerce business in India. Hence, we enable you to run a full fledged eCommerce store in India without having any local entity. With that, we also have options to pay you in your home country, and through the mode you prefer.

Start Growing With vFulfill Today

Use vFulfill’s 100% managed platform to launch your 7-figure COD dropshipping / D2C eCommerce business in India, the smartest way possible!!

Got any questions? Check out our FAQs.

3K+ orders processed everyday

USD 13M+ GMV processed

Upto 85% Delivery Rate on COD Orders

Start Growing With vFulfill Today

Use vFulfill’s 100% managed platform to launch your 7-figure COD dropshipping / D2C eCommerce business in India, the smartest way possible!!

Got any questions? Check out our FAQs.

3K+ orders processed everyday

USD 13M+ GMV processed

Upto 85% Delivery Rate on COD Orders