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Letter from the Directors

The faster, dropshipping is getting famous as a business model, the tougher it is to survive in the established markets.

And often, it looks like a competitive scenario than what most people actually started dropshipping for...and that is being able to run a business which is simple, easy & yet, profitable!!

Dropshipping is becoming a red ocean in all together!

And that’s when we started thinking...is there a territory with minimal competition in dropshipping, one that’s still a blue ocean?

….and we found - INDIA

A country with over 400 million people buying things online every single moment.

A country where eCommerce sales are expected to touch over 120 billion dollars in sales.

A country which sees over 2 million shipments from non-branded merchants being moved on a daily basis

And, most importantly...a country with Cost Per Acquisition for an order being 3 to 4 times lesser than all the established markets like the US & the UK.

And, with this, we also found out that a model like dropshipping just doesn’t exist in India….

REASON : Just one -In India, 95% of the orders happen on Cash on Delivery, which at times leads to HUGE CUSTOMER RETURN RATES.

And often, to get all of this settled, people who want to leverage India as a market, resort to bulk stock inventory.

Resulting in DROPSHIPPING actually look like STOCKSHIPPING in India...with tons in INVESTMENTS, operations & management involved…

And all of a sudden it starts to look like an ops heavy business than what dropshipping ideally is...a simple, easy & yet, profitable biz model.

So, we started asking ourselves this question...can dropshipping even exist in India…

… and that’s when we found an alternative view around it!

Welcome to vFulfill!

We started vFulfill with a vision to enable Dropshipping in India…. the way it happens around the world!

Where you bring orders, and we take care of the rest...in a way that it stays simple, easy & yet profitable for you!!

We are building vFulfill as a dropshipping fulfillment solution to enable e-commerce in India on Cash-On-Delivery (COD), without having to hold any inventory or worry about managing returns

All you have to do is get orders on your store - and we fulfill it for you.


+ real time sourcing for any product from China...at prices lesser than aliexpress...

+ to delivering your orders within 7-14 days,

+ to managing the cash handling on delivery,

+ to buying back your returns…

...we enable players like you to do all of it in one simple click.

We are your partner in finding success with dropshipping in India!.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships in China & India that we are able to enable this entire chain and are optimizing it every day!

You can now say YES to 1 click Order Fulfillment...on COD...with returns managed...without having to worry about bulk stocking...and everything managed for you!

So that, in this fast paced world, you can spend most of your time doing things that matter to you!

That’s why we say, You market & we fulfill!!

Thank you for your time. We, directors at vFulfill, welcome you to be our partner in this dropshipping revolution in India!!

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